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Elevation Through Education
Impression-Taking – Beginners Course
The impression-taking for beginners course is suited to registered dental nurses who aspire to treat patients directly and to take impressions under the prescription of a registered dentist or clinical dental technician. The course is suited to nurses working both in private settings and in the National Health Service.
You will learn how to take impressions for the following applications:
  •  Study models
  •  Orthodontic appliances
  •  Retainers
  •  Dentures
  •  Bleaching trays
  •  Mouth guards
The course includes:

  •   A one-day workshop
  •  An Awesome impression-taking manuel
  •  A Record of Experience portfolio
Record of Experience (ROE) portfolio:
To complete your Record of Experience, you will need to work under the supervision of a dentist who is willing to sign and write comments. You have up to six months to complete your portfolio. On completion, scan/e-mail or post a copy to Bridge the gap 247. Assessing the portfolio may take up to twenty-one working days. If the assessor does not grant a pass mark, you will be given feedback and instructions to take more impressions under supervision.
Note: Course attendees will typically take roughly five impressions during the hands-on part of the course. These impressions will count towards your portfolio to give you a nice boost towards your target of 30 impressions.
  • Practical hands-on training.
  •  Complete up to half of your record of experience on the day of training.
  •  Course manuel.
  •   Six hours of Verifiable CPD. 
  •  Certificate of Competence awarded upon successful completion.
    Half day practical course:
    •  Describe patient care and communication throughout the procedure.
    •  Demonstrate knowledge of GDC Standards.
    •  Describe health & safety aspects of impression-taking.
    •  Demonstrate knowledge of impression materials.
    •  Demonstrate correct tray selection.
    •  Discuss methods for managing anxious patients.
    •  Describe anatomical features that should be present on a dental impression.
    •  Demonstrate confidence to take impressions.
    •  Demonstrate ability to grade, reflect upon impressions and improve impression-taking technique
    Record of Experience:
    •  Demonstrate an understanding of the reflective model.
    •  Demonstrate consistent improvement throughout course.
    •  Demonstrate competency to take impressions unsupervised under the prescription of a dentist.

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